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Hecheng is a dynamic private high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. It is committed to continuously improving human life, using modern and latest scientific and technological achievements, and committed to the health industry and new polymer materials and fine chemicals industry. development of.

Hecheng has a 50-mu research and production base in Yunpu Industrial Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. It has a marketing center of more than 2,000 square meters in Guangzhou Zhujiang New City Guangzhao International Building. It has Guangzhou Hecheng Chemical Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou. Hecheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hecheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. and (Hong Kong) Hecheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. have established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen and Hong Kong, and the product sales network covers the whole country.

New material product field

Committed to the development, production and sales of various environmentally friendly, high-performance, high-quality polymer new materials and fine chemicals, providing quality products and services for the automotive, home appliance, plastic pipe and plastic processing industries. The main products include green environmental protection. Ppr pipe materials, special engineering plastics, functional polyolefins, high-performance gas permeable membrane materials, biomedical polymer materials and various plastic additives.

Health Products
We are committed to the development, production and sales of various food ingredients and additives, pharmaceutical raw materials and functional health foods using the latest biotechnology achievements of the world, providing quality products and services for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and contributing to human health. Results. The main products include functional proteins and peptides, cereals / juices, fruit jams, jams, emulsified thickeners, modified starches and polyols, natural vitamin E and plant sterols, natural pigments and fruit and vegetable powder.

Hecheng adheres to the road of independent innovation, and has established “Guangdong Province Modified Polymer Materials Engineering Technology Research and Development Center”, “Guangdong Province Functional Food Additives and Ingredients Engineering Technology Research and Development Center”, and “Guangzhou Modified Polymer Materials Key Engineering Technology Research and Development Center" and "Guangzhou Functional Food Additives and Ingredients Engineering Technology Research and Development Center"; Enterprise Technology Center is recognized as "Guangdong Provincial Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" and "Guangzhou City-level Enterprise Technology Center"; It was rated as “Innovative Enterprise in Guangdong Province”, “Top 100 Independent Innovation Enterprises in Guangdong Province”, “Innovative Enterprises in Guangzhou” and “Excellent Private Enterprises in Guangzhou”.

Since  its  establishment, it has maintained good partnerships with many internationally renowned multinational companies.With a good corporate culture, advanced enterprise management system, and high-quality products and services, it has become an influential private high-tech enterprise in China.Hecheng is taking off with the Chinese economy!

Company Profile

The testing Center of Guangzhou Honsea Chemistry Co., Ltd. obtained the CNAS Accreditation Certificate through the approval of the China National Accreditation Committee (CNAS)...
Recognize the employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company, the company held an award ceremony for outstanding employees in the third quarter in November 2018.
The team has developed five series of green environmental protection PPR pipeline modified materials, green modified engineering plastics, high performance breathable film materials...
New employee induction training,communication and coordination ability training, <results-oriented communication technology> training, new OA office system use training...
Honsea will become a company widely recognized by the customers, competitors, investors and the public in the world, using its outstanding products and services to continuously improve the good life of mankind...
Let employees truly feel the care of honsea family, enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of employees, the company regularly for that month's birthday staff, hold staff birthday parties...